Build Your MonkVee® Box

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Q: What $ amount do I have to have to receive Free Shipping? 

 A: Orders over $50, within the 48 contiguous USA, receive Free Shipping (our choice of what carrier to use). Wholesale orders are not eligible for Free Shipping. Note: MonkVee may rescind this offer at any time, based on changes in shipping rates charged by carriers. 

Q: What carrier do you use when a customer receives Free Shipping? 

 A: We chose the carrier based upon what is the most economical way to ship. We utilize UPS SurePost, Fedex SmartPost, USPS First Class Mail, USPS Priority Mail, FedEx Ground and UPS Ground. 

Q: If I received Free Shipping, and I want to return my order, will you deduct your shipping cost?

 A: If you received Free Shipping, and you return your items, and your remaining order is under $50, we will deduct the cost of shipping that it cost us to ship it to you. If your order remains over $50, no shipping deductions will be taken from your refund.