Be a Distributor for MonkVee Products

Join our elite sales team and distribute our products into local stores in your zipcode. Choose a plan below where you will get access to everything you need to pitch and provide to grocery and convenient stores in your area. Prior sales experience recommended.

Dominate Your Zipcode

Once you are signed up by choosing a plan below, you will have geographic exclusivity to the Zipcodes you purchase.

Questions About Distribution

Why do I purchase inventory?

The packages include inventory and other resources to be able to provide to your local stores. If you prefer to build relationships first and then purchase our wholesale inventory, you can do that as well. This is a package ready-to-go for those looking to hustle and can afford the overhead.

What if I can't sell the products to stores?

We recommend you have prior sales experience and can afford the overhead. If you are confident that you have what it takes to move product, then this may be a risk worth taking, since this initial purchase is a one-time cost to have product on hand for your prospects. If your customers reorder, there is no cost to you - only a payout for the commission.

How much commission do I earn for reorders?

Once you have a reoder for more product, you will be paid 10% per unit, per location. 10 places that order 100 units each of MonkVee Golden Monk Fruit which sells for $14.95 per unit, makes you $1,495 in commissions. The hard part is getting set up, once a customer continuously reorders, it's more or less passive besides having to reorder and be the "middle man."

Can I make money doing this?

You can earn a living doing almost anything if you work at it hard and smart enough. This is work. You will have to go out there and be a sales ninja, but it can absolutely be rewarding if you put in the time. Relevant stores seek products like these. You'll be surprised at how people are receptive and share your goal of being successful. If you like sales and like healthy products that serve humanity this is for you.