MonkVee® Golden Monk Fruit Sweetener

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Kosher Certified

MonkVee Golden Monk Fruit | 1:1 Erythritol Blend, Zero Glycemic Index, Keto, Zero Carb Sugar Alternative Sweetener

MonkVee® Golden Monk Fruit Sweetener

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ MonkVee® Golden Monk Fruit Review

1:1 Equivalent

Use MonkVee® Golden Monk Fruit just like sugar. It is an equal replacement. Cup for cup.

100% Natural

Ditch sugar and lab made junk. MonkVee® Golden Monk Fruit is 100% Natural.

Zero Calories

MonkVee® Golden Monk Fruit is zero calories and zero glycemic index. No more sugar spikes, crashes, jitters, addiction, or tooth decay. Perfect for Keto and Diabetic lifestyles.

113 Servings

1 delicious pound of the best sugar alternative available on the market.

Serving Size: 1 Tsp.

Why is there erythritol inside?

You may wonder why we add Erythritol ( a naturally occurring sugar alcohol) to our Golden Monk Fruit. Erythritol is a sweetener itself, however it is 70% as sweet as sugar. Monk Fruit on the other hand is 150X sweeter than sugar. Therefore when mixing them together, you are able to achieve a totally equal sugar sweetness. When baking or cooking, this makes it easier, otherwise you would need to calculate the conversion ratio and that is not convenient.

I heard Erythritol isn't safe. Is that true?

The short answer is that Erythritol is safe. There was a controversial, and unsubstantial study. See our blog post breaking down the study with a Doctor's alternative perspective.

Use MonkVee® In Anything

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