It seems as though a new sweetener pops up every other day on the market. We understand how this can be confusing, especially for diabetics who have enough to worry about. Whether you’re a type 1 or type 2 diabetic, prediabetic, or a caregiver of a diabetic, this article is dedicated to you!

MonkVee monk fruit sweetener is the best-tasting natural zero calorie sweetener approved by the FDA. Most other zero calorie sweeteners are chemically made, such as sucralose, aspartame, saccharin, neotame, advantame, and more. Monk fruit’s natural honey-like flavor is a fan favorite, and has contributed to the growing popularity of this sweetener.

Staying healthy while living with diabetes depends on keeping your blood sugar levels in a healthy range as much as possible. Monk fruit is a great sugar substitute for diabetics because it does not contain any carbohydrates, or raise blood sugar levels. Unlike other natural sweeteners, such as honey, maple syrup, and agave, which contain 13-17 grams of sugar per tablespoon, monk fruit contains zero grams of sugar! Using sweeteners (even natural ones) that contain sugar, will elevate the blood sugar levels of diabetics.

This means diabetics can use monk fruit sweetener in place of sugar or other natural sweeteners for a zero carbohydrate, sugar free sweetness that tastes fantastic! Monk fruit can be used to sweeten tea, coffee, or flavored seltzers, and is a great sugar replacement in baking and cooking.

MonkVee makes living with diabetes easier by providing you with fantastic-tasting sweeteners. We recommend using the MonkVee Original or Golden monk fruit in baking recipes because they are a 1:1 equal sugar replacement, and brown similarly to sugar. Check out our growing recipe section for delicious, feel-good recipes without added sugar.